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Review Text – Penjelasan & Contoh


Review Text konon adalah pelajaran terakhir bahasa Inggris tingkat SMA. Seandainya sobat tidak bisa membuat contoh review text (teks review), bisa dikatakan bahwa sobat belum bisa dan “belum pantas” lulus Ujian Nasional khususnya untuk pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Tidak mau kan dibilang tidak lulus ujian?
Oleh karena itu, agar tidak “dianggap” gagal dalam menempuh perjalanan selama sekolah, mari kita pelajari lagi apa dan bagaimana review text itu. Siap?
Pengertian Review Text
Secara harfiah, review bermakna “tinjauan, ringkasan, tinjauan ulang.” Jika ada frasabook review berarti bermakna tinjauan buku. Karenanya, review text bisa diartikan secara harfiah sebagai teks yang difungsikan untuk meninjau. Apa saja yang ditinjau? ya apa saja lah, baik buku, produk kecantikan, mobil, hp, laptop dan lain sebagainya.
Social Function Review Text
Ternyata review text bisa berfungsi sebagai to criticise an art work, event for a public audience. (untuk memberikan kritik terhadap suatu karya seni, ataupun lainnya untuk khalayak umum).
Generic Structure Review Text
Generic Structure dari Review Text terdiri dari :
  • Orientation : places the work in its general and particular context, often by comparing it with others of its kind or through an analog with a non–art object or event. (menempatkan karya yang ditinjau pada konteks umum ataupun khusus, biasanya dengan membandingkan dengan karya lain yang sejenis atau melalui analogi obyek yang bukan karya seni.)
  • Interpretive Recount : summarize the plot and/or providers an account of how the reviewed rendition of the work came into being.(meringkas alur cerita “jika mereview buku” bagaimana cara penyampaian karya tersebut)
  • Evaluation : provides an evaluation of the work and/or its performance or production; is usually recursive.(memberikan sebuah evaluari karya ataupun penampilan, produksi; evaluasi ini biasanya berulang-ulang)
Sebenarnya, susunan umum (generic structure) review text ini tidak harus sama persis seperti di atas, mungkin karena alasan “meringkas” pelajaran, jadi ketiga susunan tadi bisa sebagai gambaran umum saja, oke.
Masih bingung? Yang nulis juga bingung 🙂 Okelah mari kita langsung saja memberikan beberapa contoh review text, yang semoga bisa menambah pemahaman kita tentangreview text.
Contoh Review Text (1) – A Book Review
Rhymes of the Times By: Harold Matthew Nash
Publisher: Booksurge
Reviewed by: John Lehman
I particularly liked the first few pages of this book where the poet acknowledges those who have helped him and tells us something about his life. Too often writing is a lonely task and poetry so personal that it excludes others until they read the final result. But both poets and audiences are intimately involved in the process. Readers are not consumers looking for a pair of shoes, but people trying to discover something about how they feel, as well as understand the emotions of the person writing the poem. This spirit of openness and participation is right here from the start in this collection.

Harold is one of nine children, raised by his mother. In the Introduction he tells us about public moments that have shaped his life (Martin Luther King’s ”I Have a Dream” speech, Muhammad Ali’s “I can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”) as well as very private ones like attending the wedding of a girl he was still very much in love with. This not only gives us an insight into the person behind these poems, it helps us understand their inspiration and connection to things outside of the words. “The Bee in the Web” draws on the “butterfly”/”bee” of Ali’s boast, yet expands on it to a message of racial harmony as opposed to one of militant aggression and separatism.

There are some great titles (“The Martian and the Wino,” “W Stands for Wrong”, ”Fasten Your Seatbelt”) and lines that make us think (“Sometimes I feel that life’s a curse, has front-wheel drive and no reverse” and the very poignant “I hate in order to protect yourself—you pack a gun or mace. So why don’t I say what the hell and hate the human race.”) There are also some bad lines: “Her skin is cream, her body is slim. Looking at her makes the average saint sin.”—perhaps, but what or who is “the average saint”? The book ends with a sweet poem by Charla Angeline Hultmann (and I really like the candor of her bio) called “Gift” and “giving” is the real spirit of this book of poetry.

I will be honest, I am not a fan of rhyme. There is a delight in adjacent sounds rubbing together—vowels held and savored, consonants clicking in a row—but “easy” rhymes (“head”/“dead”; “love”/”dove”; “moon”/”prune”) tend to overshadow poetic subtleties, determine word choice and the words themselves lose their meaning, becoming clichés. But this is the music of this poet’s generation, and there is no denying that poetry is more alive, more meaningful and more accessible than it has ever been at any other time during my life. PS I do love the “Osama” “mama” rhyme. In general I think it would benefit Harold Nash’s development to read more of the published contemporary Black poets.

But form aside, this is an honest (courageous and unflinching) look at life today—one we need to share together for the survival of us all. That is “Rhymes of the Times” message. And it is a good one.

Contoh Review Text (2) – Product Review
Acer Iconia Tab A100
Reviewed By 

While the 10-inch tablet market is very crowded and highly competitive right now, when it comes to 7-inch powerful and reliable slates, there are still some gaps that need to be filled. The Iconia Tab A100 wants to do just that, being a very interesting, portable and snappy gadget.

Design and display

When talking about 7-inch tablets, the aspect is very important. The Tab A100 does not disappoint from this point of view, being elegant and classy. The front face is surrounded by glossy black plastic, while the back of the tablet is a dark gray plastic with Acer’s logo in the middle. In terms of portability, the Iconia Tab A100 is also a more than a satisfying device, being about the same size and weight as the HTC Flyer, for example.

The 7-inch touchscreen with 1024×600 pixels resolution offers great image quality, contrast and brightness, but does more of a mediocre job when talking about viewing angles. Still, the display is overall decent and holds the comparison with the HTC Flyer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.

Performance and software – The Iconia Tab A100 features the already classic Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM memory and is therefore at least as snappy and powerful as any other 7 or 10-inch tablet on the market right now. The cameras are surprisingly decent, the 2 MP front-facing and the 5 MP rear-facing devices offering pretty much the best image quality you might hope to find on a slate.

In terms of software, Acer’s 7-inch tablet is set to be a pioneer, being the first slate of its category to be powered by the Android Honeycomb OS. Not only that, but it will run on the latest 3.2 version of the operating system, which means that you will get loads of apps and snappy performance.


Connectivity and pricing – The Iconia Tab A100 is set to feature WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility, as well as a micro-USB port and a micro SD slot card. It would have been perfect if it would have featured HDMI as well, but still it is pretty decent for a 7-inch tablet.

As far as pricing is concerned, the Acer Iconia Tab A100, which has not yet been released on the market, will be available for 329 dollars( the 8 GB version) or for 349 dollars( the 16 GB version). This is consistently less than HTC Flyer’s or Blackberry Playbook’s prices, to name two of the important 7-inch tablets right now.


Wrap-up – While the Iconia Tab A500 is still struggling to become one of the important names in the tablets’ world, the from this Android tablet review it looks like a winner right away. Packing good technical specifications, as well as a decent display and a revolutionary software for a 7-inch tablet, Acer’s new slate also comes at an affordable price tag and will probably mesmerize technology fanatics all around the world.

Paham? – Wah review-nya keren-keren kan? Maklum lah orang bule yang nulis… Intinya, menulis review itu seolah kita adalah seorang komentator. Kita boleh memberikan pendapat kita mengenai barang yang akan kita tinjau. Tak usah ragu, jika memang barang tersebut tidak bagus, boleh lah sebutkan kekurangannya, namun ditinjau lebih dalam dahulu, bandingkan dengan produk-produk lainnya akan menjadikan review kita lebih baik…

Terima Kasih telah membaca Review Text – Penjelasan & Contoh, semoga bermanfaat

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Cosplay terbaik dan termirip – Fairy Tail

Konbanwa Minna-san ^_^ berhubung dikampus lagi ada project cosplay Fairy Tail, jadi saya pun browsing cari gambar gambar cosplayer Fairy Tail buat di jadiin referensi, ya sekalian saja saya share  siapa tau ada yang lagi butuh juga 


Erza Scarlet



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Flame of Recca


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flame of Recca
Cover of Flame of Recca volume 1
Front cover of volume 1 of the Flame of Recca manga
(Rekka no Honō)
Genre AdventureActionFantasy,Romantic comedy
Written by Nobuyuki Anzai
Published by VIZ Media
English publisher Canada United States Viz Media
United Kingdom Gollancz Manga
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run 1995 – 2002
Volumes 33 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by Noriyuki Abe
Studio Studio Pierrot
Licensed by Canada United States Viz Media Philippines GMA Network
Network Fuji TelevisionAnimaxGMA NetworkAXN
Original run July 19, 1997 – July 10, 1998
Episodes 42 (List of episodes)
Flame of Recca: The Game
Developer Konami
Genre Fighting
Rating CERO: B (Ages 12 and up)
Platform Game Boy Advance
Released December 20, 2001
Flame of Recca: Final Burning
Developer Konami
Genre AdventureFighting
Rating CERO: B (Ages 12 and up)
Platform PlayStation 2
Released June 10, 2004
Anime and Manga Portal

Flame of Recca (烈火の炎 Rekka no Honō?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Anzai, which was adapted into an anime series spanning forty-two episodes by Studio Pierrot. The series has also been adapted into two video gamesFlame of Recca for the Game Boy Advanceand Flame of Recca Final Burning for the PlayStation 2.

The manga was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1995 to 2002. The 329 chapters that composed the series were compiled into 33tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan. Both the anime and manga were licensed for North American distribution in English by Viz Media.




Flame of Recca follows the story of a teenage boy named Recca Hanabishi, who is interested in ninja and claims to be one himself. He often gets into fights because he made it publicly known that the person who manages to defeat him will earn his services as a loyal ninja. Despite this, he eventually pledges his loyalty and services as a ninja to Yanagi Sakoshita, a girl with the innate ability to heal any wound/injury, because of her kindness and compassion. Recca soon discovers that he possesses the innate ability to control/manipulate flames, and eventually learns that he is actually the son of the sixth generation leader of the Hokage, a ninja clan that was wiped out by Oda Nobunaga in 1576, roughly 400 years before the series’ present day.[1]

The Hokage ninjas wielded mystical objects called madōgu (魔導具?), which are referred to as “psychic devices” or “elemental weapons” in the English versions of the series. Madōgu grant their users special abilities, such as allowing their users to manipulate certain elements (as in the case of the Fūjin, which allows its wielder to manipulate the element of wind) and enhancing their user’s strength/skills (as in the case of the Dosei no Wa, which increases its user’s physical strength and the Idaten, which increases its user’s running speed). Oda Nobunaga had invaded the Hokage in 1576 for the purpose of acquiring these weapons, and the series’ main antagonist, Kōran Mori, is searching for a madōgu that will grant him eternal life. Recca and his friends become entangled in Mori’s quest for eternal life as he initially attempts to kidnap Yanagi, believing that her healing powers will help him achieve immortality. This leads them to join the Ura Butō Satsujin, a tournament wherein the warriors that wield madōgu gather to battle each other. After successfully winning the tournament, Recca and his teammates discover that Mori was on his way to acquire the Tendō Jigoku (天堂地獄 Heaven and Hell?), a madōgu said to grant its user eternal life, and once again attempt to stop him.

Though initially following the same basic storyline, the Flame of Recca anime series ends right after the Ura Butō Satsujin ends, while the manga goes on to include the subplot involving the Tendō Jigoku. The anime also omits certain characters from the story,[2] and several of the characters’ physical appearances are slightly different from the manga.[3]


The main characters of Flame of Reccaas they appear on the cover of Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 1. Clockwise from top-left: Fūko Kirisawa, Domon Ishijima, Kaoru Koganei, Yanagi Sakoshita, Recca Hanabishi, and Tokiya Mikagami

Recca Hanabishi (花菱 烈火 Hanabishi Rekka?) Voiced by: Kōsuke Okano (Japanese), Scott Roberts (English)
Recca, the primary protagonist of the series, is a high-school teenager obsessed with ninja and anything related to ninja. Recca was born the second son of Ōka, the leader of the Hokage ninja clan that existed over 400 years ago. Recca’s older half-brother, Kurei, was supposed to be the heir to the leadership because he was the eldest and was born with the ability to control fire, but Recca also exhibited the same abilities as an infant, and is declared the true heir of the Hokage leadership. In an attempt to save him during the slaughter of the Hokage ninja clan, his mother (Kagerō) used a forbidden technique that opened a portal that would transport him into the future, where the main storyline during the modern day begins.
Yanagi Sakoshita (Anna Yanagi) (佐古下 柳 Sakoshita Yanagi?) Voiced by: Yuki Masuda (Japanese), Carol-Anne Day (English)
Yanagi is a teenage girl gifted with the innate ability to heal any kind of physical injury, and Recca immediately offers to serve her as her loyal ninja after seeing her compassion when she healed a severely injured puppy in a local park (in the anime series, she heals Recca after a pile of metal pipes collapsed on top of him). She is the prime objective of the series’ main antagonist, Kōran Mori, as he believes that her healing powers will help him attain eternal life.
Fūko Kirisawa (Aira Kirisawa) (霧沢 風子 Kirisawa Fūko?) Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese), Onalea Gilbertson (English)
Fūko, a tomboyish teenage girl, is Recca’s childhood friend who has always aspired to defeat him in battle so that he would serve her as her ninja. She initially gets irritated by the fact that Recca chose to become Yanagi’s ninja just because he wanted to. For this reason, she decides to accept the aid of Kagerō, who offers to lend her Fūjin(lit., god of wind, a powerful madōgu that controls wind) in order to enable her to defeat Recca. In actuality, Kagerō implanted a stone in the Fūjin that allowed her to brainwash Fūko, but Recca manages to defeat Fūko and destroy the sphere. Fūko ends up befriending with both Yanagi and Recca after the incident, and she keeps the Fūjin and wields it throughout the series.
Domon Ishijima (Max Domon) (石島 土門 Ishijima Domon?) Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Adam Hunter (English)
Domon is Recca’s schoolmate who, like Fūko, has always wanted to defeat Recca. However, he is never able to do so, and ends up befriending and joining forces with Recca. Domon wields the Dosei no Wa (“The Ring of Saturn“), a madōgu which enhances his physical strength. Later in the series, he also wields the Kuchibashi-Ō (“Beak King”), a super-sharp snapping claw with an extendable chain, and the Tetsugan (“Iron Ball”), which transmutes his entire body into a living iron golem for brief periods.
Tokiya Mikagami (Dylan Mikagami) (水鏡 凍季也 Mikagami Tokiya?) Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), Paul Hunter (English)
Tokiya is Recca’s upperclassman and wields the madōgu Ensui (“Dark Water”), a sword that utilizes water to create its blade and is capable of creating and controlling all three states of water (liquid, solid and gas). Tokiya wanted to take Yanagi from Recca because she looks exactly like his sister, Mifuyu Mikagami, who was murdered when he was young. He uses the Hyōmon Ken style which was developed specifically for the Ensui. Tokiya joins forces with Recca in attempting to rescue Yanagi from Kōran Mori’s mansion, and he continues to be part of their team throughout the rest of the series.
Kaoru Koganei (Lorkhan Koganei) (小金井 薰 Koganei Kaoru?) Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese), Brett Bauer (English)
Kaoru was once a member of the Uruha, but eventually becomes a member of Recca’s team “Hokage” in the Ura Butō Satsujin. He wields the Kōgan Anki, a puzzle-like weapon that has five different forms.
Kage Hōshi (Emma Kagehoshi) (影法師 Kage Hōshi?) / Kagerō (陽炎 Kagerō?) Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Mariette Sluyter (English)
Kage Hōshi, whose real name is Kagerō, is the first antagonist of the series, and is later revealed to be Recca’s mother. She possesses the ‘Eikai Kyoku’ (“Shadow Ball”), which allows her to teleport through shadows, show people the past, and perform acts of scrying. She performed the Jikuryūri (a technique which allows the user to travel or send another person to a different time) to save the infant Recca from being killed along with the rest of the Hokage clan, but is cursed with immortality as a result of using the technique.
Kurei (紅麗 Kurei?) Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu (Japanese), Jonathan Love (English)
Kurei is Recca’s half brother who is four years older than he is. Born as the first son of head of the Hokage Clan, he was supposed to inherit the title, until the birth of Recca, which disputed the status of him and his mother. He is also a flame master with the power of the phoenix, being able to capture the soul of a dead person in his flame. The most notable manifestation of his flame power is Kurenai (紅), his former lover whose soul was absorbed into his flame after being killed by Kōran Mori.



The Flame of Recca manga was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1995 to 2002, with a total of 329 chapters. The series was compiled into 33 tankōbon (collected volumes) and was published by Shogakukan from September 18, 1995 to April 18, 2002.[4][5] Shōnen Sunday also released the manga in 17 wideban volumes and, beginning in 2010, as part of its Comic Bunkolabel.[6][7][8][9] The manga was licensed for North American distribution in English by Viz Media and United Kingdom distribution in English by Gollancz Manga. Viz released all 33 volumes from July 30, 2003 to November 10, 2009, while Gollancz released ten volumes between March 6 and November 28, 2006.[10][11][12][13] Viz did not censor nudity in their publications of the manga, but starting from volume 20, the female characters’ nipples have been removed.[citation needed]


Flame of Recca was adapted into a 42-episode anime series produced by Studio Pierrot, and aired in Japan from July 19, 1997 to July 10, 1998 on Fuji Television.[14] Flame of Recca has also aired on the satellite network Animax in Japan and Asia.[15][16] Pony Canyon has released the entire series on DVD and laserdisc, while Geneon released it in two DVD boxsets on April 22 and June 24, 2004 in Japan.[17] In North America, Viz Media released the series in ten separate DVD volumes between October 26, 2004 and January 9, 2007.[18][19]

There are several notable differences between the anime and manga, such as the character design (e.g. Fūko has red-violet hair in the anime, but has brown hair in the manga) and in the storyline itself (e.g. In the anime, Yanagi’s healing powers are first revealed when she heals Recca after he gets injured while protecting her and a child from being crushed under metal pipes,[20] but in the manga, Yanagi heals Recca when he gets injured while protecting her from a group of male students who were forcing her to go with them[21]).


Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 cover

The Flame of Recca anime series featured background music composed by Yusuke Honma. The series featured “Nanka Shiawase” (なんか幸せ?, lit. “Something Happy”) by The OYSTARS as its opening theme, and used “Love is Changing” (西田ひかる?) by Hikaru Nishida and “Zutto Kimi no Soba de”(ずっと君の傍で?, lit. “By Your Side Forever”) by Yuki Masuda as its ending themes for episodes 1-32 and episodes 33-42 respectively. All the songs were released in singles, and all except “Zutto Kimi no Soba de” were included in the original soundtracks.[17] Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 was released by Pony Canyon on December 6, 1997, and features background music used in the series, as well as the series’ opening song and first closing song.[22] Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 was released by Pony Canyon on May 4, 1998. It includes more background music used in the series along with a special CD drama entitled Recca no Honō SPECIAL CD DRAMA: Daitōron Kai Tsuyoi No Wa Dareda?! (「烈火の炎」 スペシャルCDドラマ: 火影大討論会 強いのは誰だ?!?, lit. “Flame of Recca Special CD Drama: The Great Debate, ‘Who is the Strongest?!'”).[23]

[edit]Video games

The cover of Flame of Recca: Final Burning

Flame of Recca has been adapted into two games to date.

Flame of Recca: The Game is a fighting game released by Konami on December 20, 2001 for the Game Boy Advance.[24] In this game, the player selects a character and presses certain button in order to make them move, attack, dodge, and perform special moves. Apart from having an HP bar, the selected character a power bar which increases when the character deals damage and decreases when the character performs a special move. Each character has his/her own set of special moves that do greater damage than normal attacks, and one super move that deals a significant amount of damage. There are nine playable characters for this game.

Flame of Recca: Final Burning is an adventure/fighting game released by Konami on June 10, 2004 for the PlayStation 2.[25][26] A limited number of soundtrack CDs and sets of four bookmarks with character illustrations by Nobuyuki Anzai were given out along with the game CD.[25] The game’s graphics and full motion videos are done in 2D animation. The game utilizes a split-screen format wherein players must press different button combinations to make their selected character perform specific moves. Certain cutscenes require the player to determine what the selected character will do next through choosing from a given set of options. An example of this would be when the player is required to choose if Koganei will dodge or stay put when the building he is staying in starts to collapse. Flame of Recca: Final Burning features 24 playable characters.

The series’ protagonist has also appeareded in the 2009 Konami fighting game Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen! for the PlayStation Portable.[27]


[icon] This section requires expansion.(February 2011)

Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide, described Flame of Recca as “polished and quick-paced”, and that it “reads like a more carefully plotted, more extreme version of YuYu Hakusho.”[28] Patricia Duffield, a columnist for Animerica Extra, felt the story and artwork continuously evolved with characters and their unique weapons. “Although the series seems to have a tendency toward male fan serviceFlame of Recca can be as enjoyable for gals as it is for guys,” Duffield concluded. “If lots of ninja action with supernatural flair interests you, give Flame of Recca a try.”[29]


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costplay terbaik

Kumpulan Cospay terbaik Part 3 – Bleach

Konbawa Minna-san akhir nya kondisi internet memungkin kan untuk mengupdate foto foto koleksi cosplay kita..ok langsung saja Douzo ^_^
ulquiorra schiffer
neliel tu oderschvank
   kayak nya cosplayer neliel banyak yang sesuatu banget yah.-_-
Rukia Kuchiki

kerennn,nice detail

Ichigo Kurosaki
    ini cewek kan? wew -_-
   Matsumoto Rangiku
 wow wow wow

Shigekuni Yamamoto

                                              ada juga yang mau cosplay jadi kakek bangkotan ini -_-

Nnoitra Gilga

 muka menjijikkan nya cocok….

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

kadang tak semua orang mendambakan wajah tampan…

  Kobanwa Minna-san, kali ini saya akan melanjutkan postingan Cospayer-cosplayer bleach hasil penelusuran saya, gomen lama..inet nya lelet xD.
OK langsung saja,Douzo ^_^

Renji Abarai

nice tatto renji ^_^

ayasegawa yumichika
 wew,lentik mata nya gak nahan
     Shinji Hirako
                          nice expression Hirako,muka nyebelinnya pas banget xD
                                                       Orihime Inoe

hmm rasa nya ada yang kurang,tapi cukup bagus lah xD

                                                    Ishida Uryu

detail kostum sama Panah nya udah mantep,tapi itu rambut nya kena kayak jadi pirang gitu xD

Kira Izuru

wig nya keren xD

       Byakuya Kuchiki

Kakoi desu xD,walau agak kemudaan

Kyoraku Shunsui & Ise nanao

bulu dada x_x,demo, kerenn

lilynette Gingerback

no comment -_-

                                       neliel tu oderschvank

kya kyaa kyaa :v


nice detail,kerenn

Rukia Kuchiki
 Kurosaki Ichigo
 Sarugaki Hiyori
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10 ability/ kekuatan karakter anime terkeren dan terkuat

10. Canaan (dari anime Canaan)
ability: Synesthesia

Canaan adalah seorang prajurit bayaran yang mempunyai keahlian menembak yang hebat dan master dalam bertarung. Ia mempunyai kemampuan Synesthesia, sebuah kemampuan untuk menggabungkan indera, contohnya dia mendengar warna, melihat suara, dan mengecap objek dengan sentuhan, menjadikannya dapat melacak orang dan menghindari peluru. Ia juga dapat menggunakannya untuk hack komputer. Ketika menggunakan kemampuan ini, mata Canaan berubah menjadi merah

Kelemahan: Ketika dipakai terlalu sering, mengakibatkan kelelahan

9. Ryner Lute (Legend of Legendary Heroes)

Ability: Alpha Stigma (複写眼 アルファ・スティグマ)

Ryner Lute berbakat dalam magic, perkelahian tangan kosong, seni membunuh, pengetahuan kuno, bahasa dan simbologi, dan pemakai Alpha Stigma.

Alpha Stigma adalah kemampuan yg memberi pemakainya kemampuan menganalisa berbagai bentuk magic. Ketika mengaktifkan kekuatan, pemakainya akan menampakkan pentagram berwarna kemerahan yang muncul di pupil mata. Di dunia dimana magic setiap negara berbeda dan dijaga kerahasiaannya, kemampuan ini berguna karena Ryner dapat mempelajari magic semua negara hanya dengan melihatnya sekali, bahkan sebelum magic itu selesai dilakukan.

Kelemahan: Pemilik Alpha Stigma biasanya mati muda. Ini karena mereka akan go ‘berserk’, lepas kendali, membunuh dan menghancurkan semua yg ada di dekatnya. Setelah masuk dalam keadaan ini, mereka tidak akan kembali normal. Ryner adalah satu-satunya perkecualian, dimana dia dapat kembali ke normal setelah berserk.


8. Ageha Yoshina (Psyren)
ability: Melchesse’s Door

Ageha adalah anak SMA yang terlibat dalam permainan Psyren, dimana para peserta permainan secara bertahap mendapatkan kemampuan PSI. PSI adalah kemampuan untuk memanipulasi diri sendiri, lingkungan, atau orang lain dengan menggunakan potensi otak yang biasanya tidak dipakai. PSI dapat membuat penggunanya menjadi lebih kuat, menggerakkan benda, mengendalikan petir, menghipnotis orang lain, dll. Selain itu setiap orang mempunyai kemampuan khusus jika mereka melatih PSI ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi

Kemampuan khusus Yoshina Ageha adalah bola hitam besar yang bereaksi terhadap PSI yang dinamakan “Melchsee’s Door”, sebuah kemampuan untuk membuat bola terbuat dari konsentrasi energi murni. Kemampuan ini melacak energi PSI di sekitarnya dan menyerapnya. Bola ini juga menghancurkan benda fisik yang disentuh. Setelah menghisap cukup energi PSI, bola ini akan berpisah dan menyerang semua orang yang memakai PSI tanpa diskriminasi.

Kemampuan ini membebani otak penggunanya dan sulit dikendalikan, karena itu Yoshina Ageha memodifikasinya dengan bentuk lain seperti yang dijelaskan di bawah.

Melchsee’s Lance: – Yoshina creates a condensed sphere and releases it, relying on the indiscriminate targeting of “Melchsee’s Door” to track down the oppoents PSI energy. Because the sphere is small, it gains enormous speed but loses a lot of power, which also is less taxing on Yoshina’s mind but is still powerful enough to go thought a human or Tavoo’s body. He can move the ball in any direction, or stop it, as long as it is a part of his program. When the small black sphere is tracking PSI energy, it moves extremely quickly and leaves a trail of itself along its path that can be used to slice oppoents by turning the sphere. This trail makes the Burst energy resemble a lance, hence the name.

Melchsee’s Disc: – By setting a program for Melchsee’s Door to stay put in front of him and limiting its PSI tracking to 5 meters, Ageha creates two discs that absorb any PSI attacks that are directed toward him and can be used for close range offensive attacks and be used defensively too. Unfortunately, when the discs absorb enough PSI energy, it activates Melchsee’s Door’s basic feature which attacks all PSI energy indiscriminately

Melchsee’s Vortex: – This can be used offensively in two ways but is mosty used defensively. Yoshina creates condensed spheres, each linked together with a line, allowing for greater control which forms a semi-sphere around him and absorbs all PSI attacks. When used offensively, can change at his oppoent with “Melchsee’s Vortex” around him

Ring Release, Attack Mode: Splash – This is the first offensive use of “Melchsee’s Vortex”.In the attack mode, Yoshina breaks the chains linking the spheres and releases the spheres, causing them to splash around targeting PSI sources. This move is Similar to “Melchsee’s Lance” but this move has a greater number of sphere’s, making the attack harder to evade.


At the start of Ageha’s battle with Miroku he lost control of his emotions while in Nova, Melchsee’s Door’s power broke out from his hatred and anger. This turned his Nova from a brilliant white colour to pitch black with his hair grew longer and spikier, his facial features are hidden but his eyes remain visible and he also has multiple black rings floating around his head like a halo with multiple Melchsee’s Doors floating around him. Ageha still has some control in this from.

* Power Amplification – This form allows Melchsee’s Door’s full power to be released and at the same time be powered by Nova. In this form his speed, strength and techinques are powered to unhuman levels and gains a berserker like fighting style. When Ageha attacks hit in this form they make a shockwave out of Melchsee’s energy, his body is so hard that he was able to break Miroku’s Sephiroth: Gevurah by just changing at him and make a hole in him with just a hand thrust. After a unknown amount of time This form will start kracking and disappers, leaving Ageha exhausted and bleeding form the lip (most likely from the stress put on the brain). This seem to put on less stress then the normal Nova as Asuka was bleeding form the nose and eyes form the immense stress put on his brain after using nova.

* Upgraded Melchsee’s Lance – When activating Nova Melchsee’s Version he can generate multiple, small Melchsee’s Doors with rings around them which soon after being thrown become flat with more rings around them. It soon shoots multiple Melchsee’s Lance’s at the oppoenent with destructive potential but it gives up it’s indiscriminate targeting system for bigger numbers.

* Upgraded Melchsee’s Disc – This is manly the same as the orginal Melchsee’s Disc but with more power. Since Ageha gains a berserker like fighting style in this state he was seen using it by spinning around, making large cutting damage.

* Upgraded Melchsee’s Vortex – His new shield is relatively similar to his Melchsee’s Vortex. While using Nova, Ageha is capable of forming 3 groups of rings from the Melchsee’s Doors around him without “doors” attached to the ring. This version is now powerful enough to leave Ageha unscratched by Miroku’s Sephiroth: Opening Gate which is his strongest attack.

7. Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)
ability: Sharingan. Magenkyou Sharingan


Sharingan adalah teknik mata genetik yang secara alami terjadi pada anggota klan Uchiha.
Selama perkembangannya, Sharingan akan memberikan pengguna tiga kemampuan yang unik.Mata ini paling terkenal di dunia Naruto karena kemampuannya untuk menghafal dan meniru setiap gerakan yang telah ia lihat, yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk menyalin lawan kebanyakan jutsu oleh menghafal handsigns / gerakan otot dan memungkinkan mereka untuk menggunakan jutsu terhadap mereka dan lawan nanti. Kemampuan kedua Sharingan kemampuan insting dan reflek, yang memungkinkan mereka untuk melacak dan memprediksi gerakan dan tindakan obyek yang bergerak cepat. Hal ini juga memungkinkan pengguna untuk dengan mudah mengenali genjutsu dan berbagai bentuk chakra. Kemampuan akhir adalah  hipnosis yang menyarankan tindakan dan pikiran lawan, bertindak sebagai cara yang efektif untuk menghasilkan genjutsu atau kenangan implan pada orang lain.

Itachi memiliki Mangekyo Sharingan, yang meningkatkan kekuatannya sudah besar, dan memungkinkan dia untuk menggunakan teknik yang paling kuat.

dengan mata ikiri nya itachi dapat menggunaan Tsukuyomi(月読?), genjutsu yang menjebak lawan di dunia ilusi,menyiksa mereka selama beberapa detik namun korban merasa seperti berhari hari.

dengan mata kanan nya itachi dapat mengeluarkan Amaterasu (天照), ninjutsu yang memungkinkan dia mengeluarkan api hitam yang tidak dapat dipadamkan,dan dapat membakar apapun.Itachi dapat menggerakkan api ini hanya dengan tatapan matanya

Teknik terakhir itachi adalah Susanoo (須佐能乎), suatu teknik yang menggunakan kedua mata untuk memanifestasikan dirinya sebagai makhluk spektral. pada bentuk ini itachi memegang Pedang Totsuka, sebuah pedang halus dengan kemampuan untuk menyegel apa saja yang ditusuknya dan Yata Mirror, perisai yang dapat memantukan serangan apapun

terlalu banyak menggunakan sharingan dapat menyebabkan kebutaan

6. Nagato/ Pain. (Naruto)
ability: Rinnegan

Nagato (長門, Nagato), better known as Pain (ペイン, Pein), was the recognized leader of Akatsuki and Amegakure and was a major antagonist in the series.

Nagato’s incredible power stemmed mainly from his kekkei genkai, the legendary Rinnegan. This was originally possessed by the Sage of the Six Paths, the world’s first ninja, and the founder of modern ninjutsu. Even as a child, Jiraiya noted his mastery over the elements. At age 10, he had already mastered all five elemental releases as well as Yin-Yang Release, something that was completely unprecedented.The Rinnegan is a dōjutsu said to be the most powerful of all. Its occurrence is so rare that many people once believed its existence was only a legend or a mutation.

The Rinnegan is characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a light purple iris and sclera. In addition to enabling the user to quickly master various jutsu, the user may also use all six forms of chakra nature transformation which, as noted by Ibiki Morino, literally allows its user to use any technique they wish. It also allows the user to use all of the six paths techniques, a series of ninjutsu unique to the Rinnegan user. Like the Sharingan and the Byakugan, the Rinnegan also allows the user to see chakra, including otherwise hidden barriers. According to Nagato’s partner Konan, the possessor of the Rinnegan can also control the seventh path of Pain, who is “beyond life and death”, that can use the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, which allows the Rinnegan user to revive all people who have recently died.

Nagato’s most powerful and most used technique was the Six Paths of Pain (ペイン六道, Pein Rikudō). This technique allowed Nagato to control six separate bodies as though they were his own. Each of these bodies were reanimated corpses that were both kept mobile by and made use of Nagato’s chakra

Kekuatan luar biasa Nagato berasal  dari kekkei genkai nya, Rinnegan . Mata ini awalnya dimiliki oleh Rikkudo Sennin, ninja pertama di dunia, dan pendiri ninjutsu modern. Bahkan ketika masih menjadi murid jiraiya, Jiraiya mencatat penguasaan atas elemen. Pada usia 10, dia sudah menguasai semua lima unsur rilis serta Yin-Yang Release

Rinnegan ditandai oleh pola riak-seperti sekitar pupil, garis ungu dengan cahaya dan sklera. Selain memungkinkan pengguna untuk dengan cepat menguasai berbagai jutsu, pengguna juga dapat menggunakan semua enam bentuk transformasi chakra alam yang, seperti dicatat oleh Ibiki Morino, secara harfiah memungkinkan pengguna untuk menggunakan teknik yang mereka inginkan. Hal ini juga memungkinkan pengguna untuk menggunakan semua dari enam teknik sennin, serangkaian ninjutsu yang unik untuk pengguna rinnegan. Seperti Sharingan dan Byakugan, Rinnegan juga memungkinkan pengguna untuk melihat chakra, termasuk hambatan dinyatakan tersembunyi. Menurut Nagato mitra Konan, pemilik dari rinnegan juga dapat mengontrol jalur ketujuh dari Sakit, yang adalah “melampaui hidup dan mati”, yang dapat menggunakan Jalur Luar: Samsara Teknik Kehidupan Surgawi, yang memungkinkan pengguna rinnegan untuk menghidupkan kembali semua orang yang baru saja meninggal.

Teknik Nagato paling kuat dan paling banyak digunakan adalah  Pein Rikudō Teknik ini memungkinkan Nagato untuk mengendalikan enam mayat yang terpisah seolah-olah mereka sendiri. Masing-masing mayat mayat reanimated yang disimpan mobile dengan baik dan dibuat menggunakan chakra Nagato

6 Paths of Pain:
1. The Deva Path (天道, Tendō),

Pain utama  adalah tubuh Yahiko. Ini adalah paling sering dilihat dan digunakan dari enam pain, dan bertindak sebagai perwakilan Nagato selama pertemuan Akatsuki. Kemampuan utamanya berkisar memanipulasi gravitasi, sehingga memungkinkannya untuk mendorong atau menarik benda.
Chibaku Tensei milik deva path dapat melepaskan bola hitam energi yang bisa menarik semua materi di sekitarnya untuk membentuk tubuh terestrial besar . bahkan jutsu ini memungkinkan dia menghancurkan konoha hanya dengan sau serangan|

2. Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō)
Kemampuan utama Animal path adalah dapat memanggil berbagai hewan dan makhluk untuk membantu dalam pertempuran. Setiap makhluk melayani tujuan yang berbeda dalam pertempuran,  Patut dicatat, Jalan Hewan tidak memerlukan pengorbanan darah atau segel tangan untuk menggunakan Teknik Panggil.jutsu ini dapat mensummon Pain lain dan Konan juga.

3. The Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō)

Teknik “Penyerapan Chakra ” Gakido  adalah kemampuan defensif yang sangan efektif, karena mampu menyerap setiap teknik ninjutsu-terkait, sehingga meniadakan efeknya. Teknik ini juga bisa mengambil bentuk penghalang di sekitar tubuhnya, yang memungkinkan untuk menyerap serangan dari segala arah. Selain sifat defensif, kemampuan ini tubuh juga menunjukkan kemampuan ofensif, karena bisa menyerap semua chakra keluar dari setiap orang yang dia sentuh

4. The Human Path (人間道, Ningendō)

Ningendo diketahui memiliki kemampuan membaca pikiran hanya dengan menempatkan tangannya di atas kepala target, dan bisa mengekstrak informasi atau rahasia yang tersembunyi oleh korban terhadapnya . teknik ini juga sangat cepat, dapat pindah ke sekitar beberapa sensor sebelum mereka bahkan bisa mendeteksi keberadaannya

5. The Asura Path (修羅道, Shuradō)
Badan ini sangat berbeda dari semua Pain lain, terlihat lebih seperti android, karena memiliki sejumlah perubahan tubuh.  hal ini ditunjukkan untuk memiliki inner robot, memiliki enam lengan dan tiga wajah, dan memiliki, dilipat seperti pisau bergerigi sabuk di sekitar pinggang nya, badan ini bisa membuka mahkota kepalanya untuk mengeluarkan Shockwave titanic yang mampu menghancurkan bangunan banyak sekaligus. Kekuatan fisik baku sudah cukup untuk merobek lengan Jiraiya dan menghancurkan lehernya dengan gerakan Taijutsu dasar

6. The Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō)

Meskipun secara fisik cukup kuat untuk mengangkat seorang pria dengan satu tangan, kemampuan hanya ditunjukkan dengan mensummon Gedo.  Outer Path berbentuk kepala besar yang  keluar dari tanah dikelilingi oleh api ungu dan memiliki rinnegan.  Gedo bisa memenuhi dua tujuan: interogasi dan restorasi.

Untuk menginterogasi, Jalan Naraka hanya perlu menangkap seseorang, menyebabkan Gedo muncul . Dengan korban yang tampaknya lumpuh, Jigokudo mulai menanyai mereka. Setelah jawaban diberikan, Raja Neraka akan unzip mulutnya untuk melepaskan sulur seperti lengan dan akan menarik keluar energi penampakan gaya hidup dari korban dalam bentuk lidah yang membesar.  Gedo kemudian mulai untuk memberikan penilaian nya. Jika orang itu berbohong atau menolak untuk menjawab pertanyaan, Jalan Luar akan menghapus lidah mereka dan  membunuh mereka. Namun, jika mereka mengatakan yang sebenarnya, mereka akan diselamatkan, meskipun meninggalkan sangat kelelahan.

Kemampuan kedua Jalur Naraka dimiliki adalah kemampuan untuk memperbaiki kerusakan. Untuk melakukannya jigokudo akan memanggil Gedo untuk menelan tubuh yang rusak dengan sulur-seperti senjata ke mulutnya. Kemudian, setelah beberapa waktu, tubuh dihancurkan akan muncul dari mulutnya, benar-benar sembuh seperti semula

7. The Outer Path (外道, Gedō)

Gedo bisa dipanggil di mana Nagato dapat melepaskan energi kekuatan hidup kepada orang yang baru tewas dan membiarkan jiwa mereka untuk kembali ke tubuh  mereka. Jutsu ini hanya dapat digunakan oleh Nagato, entitas utama dalam kontrol dari tujuh jalur. Kekuatan ini dikatakan untuk mengatasi bahkan konsep  hidup dan mati.

5. Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard

ability: Yami Yami no Mi (darkness fruit) and Gura Gura no Mi (Quake fruit)

Blackbeard, memegang kekuatan buah iblis Yami Yami  (tangan kanan) dan buah iblis Gura Gura (tangan kiri).

Marshall D Teach atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Blackbeard adalah kapten dari Bajak laut Kurohige.Dia adalah mantan Kru bajak laut Shirohige di divisi 2 dibawah kepemimpinan Portgas D. Ace sampai akhirnya dia membunuh komandan divisi ke 4, Thach  demi mendapatkan buah iblos Yami Yami.Dia juga pernah mencapai posisi sebagai anggota Shicibukai setelah berhasil menangkap Ace.

Blackbeard telah memakan Buah Iblis Yami Yami no Mi. sehingga, dia bisa memanipulasi gravitasi, ditampilkan sebagai kain kafan surut kegelapan. Teach menunjukkan bahwa “kegelapan” adalah sebuah kekosongan yang melahap apa pun,dia mampu menarik lawan sebuah lubang hitam dan menghancurkan lingkungannya sekitarnya menjadi tumpukan puing. Karena kemampuan gravitasi Yami Yami , Blackbeard dapat menyerap serangan lawannya.Namun bukan berarti dia tidak kesakitan.Bahkan dia menerima rasa sakit dua kali lipat dari seharusnya.lalu dia bisa mengembalikan serangan yang diterimanya kepada lawannya

Kekuatan lain dari teach adalah dia bisa menetralisir kekuatan buah iblis lain yang bersentuhan dengannya.Bahkan dia berhasil menyerap dan memperoleh kekuatan buah iblis dari Shirohige

4. Ryougi Shiki

Ability: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (直死の魔眼) , (Chokushi no Magan lit. Mystic Eyes of Direct Death)

Ryougi Shiki (両儀式, Ryougi Shiki) is one of the main protagonists of the Kara no Kyoukai novels. She is a teenage girl who possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the inherent mortality of everything (both living and non-living) in the form of lines.
Ryougi Shiki (両 仪式, Ryougi Shiki) adalah salah satu protagonis utama dari novel Kara no Kyokai. Dia adalah seorang gadis remaja yang memiliki Mata mistik Death Perception, kemampuan supranatural yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk melihat kematian melekat dari segala sesuatu (baik yang hidup maupun non-hidup) dalam bentuk garis.

Mata shiki tidak terlalu berbeda dengan mata biasa, namun merupakan sirkuit yang terbuka di otak pengguna dan mata normal, yang memungkinkan mereka untuk “melihat kematian” dalam bentuk garis dan titik. Pengguna tersebut adalah satu-satunya yang bisa menyentuh atau menggunakan garis dan titik ( tidak ada yang dapat berinteraksi dengan garis / titik bahkan jika pengguna mata  menunjukkan lokasi garis/titik tersebut).

Garis-garis ini kemudian dapat ditelusuri dengan benda tajam seperti pisau atau pedang. Memotong garis “putus” objek sepanjang garis dan kerusakan yang ditimbulkan cara ini tidak dapat disembuhkan atau diperbaiki dengan cara apapun.

Titik dapat ditembus oleh benda tajam. menusuk titik akan secara  efektif “menghapus” objek dari keberadaan, dalam arti bahwa benda bahkan kehilangan sifat-sifat yang melekat seperti momentum, toksisitas, dan umumnya efek apapun dapat memaksakan pada itu sekitarnya. Makhluk hidup yang tertikam dot akan “berhenti” dan, sebagai akibatnya, mati.
Ryougi Shiki: MEoDP nya memungkinkan dia untuk melihat kematian sesuatu suatu benda yang ada didunia. tak peduli itu adalah manusia, objek, hantu, penyakit, pikiran berlama-lama dalam pikiran seseorang, magecraft, bangsal, serangan psikis, dll, asalkan itu ada, dia bisa membunuhnya. (Bahkan, dia mengklaim bahwa jika Tuhan itu ada, dia bisa membunuhnya.)

3. Yasuri Nanami (Katanagatari)

Isn’t she cute….. moeeee


Shichika Yasuri’s older sister and a character from the Katanagatari franchise.
Nanami is introduced as a weak and fragile child with a blunt yet kind hearted personality. She received no official training in martial arts and her brother, Shichika Yasuri, was chosen as the next head of the Kyotouryuu (Unarmed) swordsmanship style. She is a sickly girl who is babied by him. She is extremely intelligent and knows many things despite living on a secluded island her entire life.

It is later revealed that her father didn’t not train her because he felt unable to raise someone as strong as she is.
Though she appears to be helpless on the surface, she is actually stronger than Shichika

Bukti kekuatan:

Ability: Migeika – Sight training.
Enables Nanami to learn abilities and techniques of others by seeing the once and mastering their use on the second time.
She can learn both abilities that requite physical dexterity and abilities that come on a spiritual or biological level, such as lengthening of ones fingernails to form claws, body transformation, etc. she might have the ability to absorb the strength of other aside for their abilities as well, similarly to how she did it with the Itezora Clan who are insanely powerful physically
And her body, despite it’s weakness and frailty is oddly resilient. Poison do not affect her. Somehow, no matter in how much pain she is or how close to death she gets, her body does not allow her to die. However, Nanami is not immortal and therefore can be killed.

she secretly watched her father and brother train, so she knows every technique without being taught them.

During her fights against the Insect Squad of the Maniwa Corps she displayed this ability. Kamakiri Maniwa possessed the ability to grow claws from this fingernails. Having seen this ability once, Nanami uses it to to torture and execute Kamakiri

“Pardon me, but I’m going to torture you now”

Chouchou Maniwa had the ability to make himself and object that he carried weightless. After seeing this once, Nanami was able to use it to hang from a flower and position her self for an assassination move.

She says she is jealous of people who work hard to perfect a skill, as she has never once had to try at anything in her life.

Kelemahannya ditutupi dengan mendapatkan pedang Akutō Bita (悪刀 鐚/ Evil sword, Poor)
A small yellow kunai-like weapon, It holds electricity within it and was designed similar to a lightning bolt. It is the evilest blade with the ability to rejuvenate the user’s body.

Walaupun sebenarnya pedang itu membuat Nanami menjadi lebih lemah, karena sebagai pewaris Kyotoryuu, memakai pedang membuat mereka menjadi lemah.

She later confronts her brother and asks him to kill her so she could die normally, which is impossible due to her unnatural superhuman strength. In the end, she’s killed by her brother, granting her the death she always wanted.

Kalau bukan karena dia memang ingin mati, tidak akan ada yang bisa mengalahkan dia

2. Archer (Fate/ Stay Night)

The Servant of Tohsaka Rin in the 5th Holy Grail War. Well adept in bare-handed fighting, armed combat, Magecraft and even performing housework

His strength does not come from talent, but from single-mindedly refining the little he had. Other than Reinforcement and Projection, the Magecraft which he excels at are ‘unlocking’ and ‘restoration’, both of which are derived from grasping the internal structure of things. Can also use magic detection and magic resistance, which are considered the basics of the basic, but not offensive Magecraft that work around the lines of nature interference.

Ability: Unlimited Blade Works

Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords (無限の剣製 Mugen no kensei)

A Reality Marble, also known as an Innate Bounded Field, is an extremely rare high-class sorcery that expands an enclosed alternate reality that is a physical representation of a user’s soul. Within a Reality Marble, users are able to violate the laws of nature, the creation of an ideal battlefield.

Archer’s Reality Marble is known as “Unlimited Blade Works”, which manifests as an open, barren field, littered with countless Noble Phantasms anchored in the ground like grave markers. Monolithic black gears gyrate in the distance, and illumination from the sun is obstructed by thick haze obscuring the horizon. Wisps of black smog float on light zephyr throughout this world, and sparks from iron forging rise from the ground like bubbles from water.
Within Unlimited Blade Works exist all the raw materials and sorcery required to facilitate Tracing, allowing Archer to reconstruct any bladed weapon merely by seeing it. Furthermore, his tracing allows him to inherit the combat skills of those who previously used his weapon, granting him instant proficiency with whatever he traces. However, human imagination cannot fully conceptualize the existences of an object through only one sense, so the quality of enchantment on each traced weapon will be degraded by one rank, never equaling the original. Swords, spears, and halberds are favored, but shields are also replicable at a substantially greater Mana cost (Up to three times the amount). Archer is also able to levitate weapons within his Reality Marble, arcing blades into the sky and then raining them down on opponents. Most of the Noble Phantasms in Unlimited Blade Works are copies of legendary weapons archived inside Gate of Babylon, although several others (listed below) were traced by Archer later during his lifetime.

The following chant are the words to Archer’s Reality Marble
“I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death.
Nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, these hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, ‘Unlimited Blade Works’.”

1. Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu no Index/ A Certain Magical Index)
Accelerator (一方通行 Ippōtsūkō, “One-Way Road”) is the most powerful Psychic in Academy City. He has an ability called “Redirection”/”Vector Change

“He who wields a piece of power that equates to God”

Accelerator is a main character of the Science Side in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series.
He is the most powerful esper currently residing in Academy City. First appearing chronologically in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as an antagonist, he later becomes the primary protagonist of the science side after being defeated by Kamijou Touma

He can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, he kills a Sister clone by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting his finger inside her wound.

Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on him, as they will be redirected.

Waktu masih kecil ditembaki tapi gak apa-apa

It is because of his ability that he has an albino appearance, as his body blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing unnecessary melanin. Thus far, he has shown the following ways to use his powers:

a) Earth Stomp: Using the vectors behind his feet, he causes a little explosion made of earth and rocks to attack his opponents. He can also use this to propel himself forward.

b) Vector Shooting: By touching an object, he can extend the influence of his ability to other objects in contact with it. This way allows him to indirectly change the vectors and turn the objects into projectiles.

c) Wind Control: He can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind

d) Plasma Storm: He can even create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point.

e) Kinetic Blast: he takes control of the planet’s rotational vectors and transfers an enormous amount of that energy into one attack. This attack used up so much of the planets rotational energy that it slowed down the the earth’s rotation by about 5 minutes.

f) Brain Hacking: In accord to him by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body he can take ‘control’ over them and rewrite the memories and personality of the people

g) Flight: By controlling the wind around him he creates about 4 high-powered tornadoes behind him to allow him to fly. Showed in Vol.8.

Anti-Magic Field: Showed in the Volume 20, Accelerator can dissipate magic attacks thanks to his strong AIM field concentration from his body.

Hide kalau masih belum puas
Awakening: He awakens towards the end of volume 13 when he had a epiphany right before he was nearly killed by Kihara, and fully awakened in a fight with another “awakened” level 5, Teitoku Kakine in Volume 15, during which he displayed a massive difference in power between them. His voice began to produce strange sounds due to the processing power being shifted to calculation of vectors, leaving little for verbal speech. The Angelic nature of his ability is described as “He who wields a piece of power that equates to God.” He gains the ability to control and create “imaginary vectors” and has the ability to produce black mist, said by Kakine to be the same “Dark Matter” he manipulates, that takes the form of wings that do all the vector-related calculations for him, and as a result he does not need the Misaka Network to manipulate vectors and “imaginary vectors” in his awakened form.

In volume 22, due to his pillar of support being changed by an epiphany after being defeated by Touma again, he manifests white wings and a halo, turning him into an angel.

Magic: Accelerator has demonstrated the ability to use magic. In volume 22, he used his vector ability to interpret the song used by index to save Last Order and repeated the breathing method, casting the spell. As this was a pure magic spell, he suffered serious harm but saved Last Order.

kelemahan: Undefeatable kecuali oleh Kamijou Touma yang punya Imagine Breaker, dan oleh Angelic Beings (Aiwass dan Misha Kruzchev)

dan Last Order (loli)

Last Order

Imagine Breaker

ada yg berani lawan?


Bonus : Karakter paling IMHO

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List Anime yang pernah tayang di TV indonesia

Sekedar mau nostalgia zaman anak-anak dulu, pas anime jadi booming di TV lokal Indonesia
Aku buat list anime yang pernah tayang di Indonesia.

List versiku :
1. TV7

Hide list
-scrapped princess
-Ghost at School
-Yu yu Hakusho
-Final Fantasy Unlimited
-Trouble Chocolat
-hanada shounen shi
-cowboy bebop
-Hunter x Hunter
-ultra maniac
-Slam Dunk
-full metal panic
-tiny snow fairy sugar
-kaleido star

-detective kindaichi
-captain tsubasa
-Mach GoGoGo
-louie the rune soldier
-hikaru no go
-isami shinsengumi
-honey bee hutch
-clamp detective school

2. Trans TV

Hide list
-Love Hina
-Fruits Basket
-Blue Submarine No. 6
-star ocean EX
-Flame of Recca
-cyborg kurochan


Hide list
-Samurai X
-Sakura Wars
-Tokyo Mew-Mew
-Monster Rancher/Monster Farm
-ace o nerae
-ninja kabamaru
-dog of flandre
-dr Slump
-dual parallel trouble
– lets asked dr rin
-virtua fighter
-space tekker
-danguard ace
-ojamajo doremi
– Master cooking boy
-street fighter v2


Hide list
-Shaman King
-Dragon Leageu
-Keroro Gunshou
-web driver
-magical taluluto

5. Lativi

Hide list
-time bokan
-minky momo
-creamy mami
-Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair.
-SDF macross


Hide list
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-candy candy
-Magic knight rayearth
-ninja hattori
-si botak hagemaru
-Pretty Cure
-chibi maruko-chan
-one piece
-Astro Boy
-saint seiya
-rose of versailles
-lets & go
-yu gi oh
-UFO baby
-Akazukin Cha Cha


Hide list
-Tokyo Underground
-Voltes V
-three musketeers

8. Indosiar

Hide list
-hungry heart
-ako-chan no himitsu
-mask of zeguy
-miracle girls
-Cyber Formula
-Dragon Ball
-Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku
-Crush Gear
-hana yori dango
-Detective Conan
-Tokyo Babylon
-Inu Yasha
-Gundam W
-Gundam Seed
-Gundam Seed Destiny
-School detective Q
-Air Gear
-fairy tail
-Galaxy express 999
-ninja rantaro
-Corrector Yui
-B-da man
-21 emon
-metal fight beyblade
-teko ajaib
-blue dragon
-K.O. beast juusenki (sepertinya ni anime dulu banget pernah tayang)
-wedding peach
-duel master
-ragnarok the animation
-Ronin WArrior
-Ge Ge no Kitaro
-master ajiko
-guru guru
-Initial D
-Inazuma 11
-Monkey Turn
-angelic layer
-Dragon Quest
-SD gundam force
-naruto shippuden
-Battle Spirits
-Youkoso Yoko
-Metal Fight Beyblade
-Pretty Cure Max Heart
-Powerpuff Girl Z

9. Space Toon

Hide list
-Absolute Boy.
-Sugar Sugar Rune.
-The Song of Tentomushi.
-Muteking the Dashing Warrior.
-Idol Densetsu Eriko.
-Magical Emi.
-Pastel Yumi.
-Paul’s Miraculous Adventure (tanyakan pada teman kita Kaz. Dia pernah mendubbingnya buat latihan lho).
-Sweet Mint.
-Digi Charat Nyo!
-Panyo Panyo Digi Charat.
-Lets Ask Pyoko.
-Little Woman.
-Daddy Long Legs.
-Peter Pan.
-Temple the Baloonist.
-Ashita no Joe.
-Sneezing Magician.
-Sugar Princess.
-Dewi Karin.
-Remi Nobody’s Girl.
-Princess Knight.

10. TPI

Hide list
-Ninja Boys
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Hashirama Senju

Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas
Hashirama Senju
(Shodaime Hokage)

Hashirama Senju.jpg
Karakter dalam anime & manga Naruto
Pengisi Suara
Jepang: Takayuki Sugo
Tinggi Badan: 185 cm
Berat Badan: 74 kg
Tingkatan Ninja: Hokage
Jutsu: Mokuton

Dalam seri manga dan anime NarutoHashirama Senju (千手柱間 Senju Hashirama?), yang bergelar Hokage Pertama (初代火影 Shodaime Hokage?), adalah pendiri Konohagakure, sebuah desa fiktif kediaman para ninja. Hashirama merupakan kakak Tobirama SenjuHokage (ninja terkuat) kedua di Konohagakure, dan juga merupakan kakek Tsunade (Hokage kelima Konohagakure) dan Nawaki.

Diceritakan bahwa Hashirama dihormati sebagai ninja yang paling ditakuti pada masanya. Ia amat dihormati dan bahkan saingannya sendiri, Madara Uchiha, menghormati kekuatannya. Hanya ada satu orang yang mampu menghadapinya, dan hanya ada satu klan yang mampu menghadapi klannya, yaitu Madara Uchiha dan klan Uchiha.

Daftar isi


Latar belakang

Pada awalnya Hashirama merupakan pemimpin klan Senju. Selama masa peperangan pertama, klan Senju dihormati sebagai salah satu dari dua klan terkuat di dunia, menyaingi klan Uchiha. Oleh sebab itu, klan Senju sering bertikai dengan klan Uchiha dan Hashirama sendiri sering melawan Madara Uchiha secara pribadi. Karena lelah dengan pertikaian, Hashirama dan klannya mendatangi Klan Uchiha untuk mengajukan perdamaian. Setelah bersekutu dengan klan Uchiha, kedua kelompok tersebut mendirikan Konohagakure yang berkembang menjadi salah satu dari lima negara shinobi terbesar.

Kemudian, Madara meninggalkan Konoha setelah ia mengambil mata adiknya sendiri. Konflik tersebut mengakibatkan pertarungan antara Hashirama dan Madara di Lembah Akhir. Pertarungan tersebut dimenangkan oleh Hashirama. Untuk mengenang pertarungan tersebut, didirikan patung Hashirama dan Madara di Lembah Akhir. Kedua patung tersebut berdiri mengapit air terjun sambil berhadap-hadapan.

Bagaimanapun juga masa perang masih berlanjut, dan sambil memikirkan masa depan Konoha, Hashirama dan adiknya, Tobirama Senju, melatih Hiruzen Sarutobi, Hokage Konoha di masa depan.

Part I

Invasi Orochimaru

Hashirama dan adiknya dibangkitkan dari kematian oleh Orochimaru (tokoh antagonis cerita Naruto) untuk menghadapi Hokage ketiga (Hiruzen Sarutobi) selama masa penyerbuannya ke Konoha. Saat terbangun dari kematiannya, Hashirama dipaksa oleh Orochimaru agar menyerang Hokage ketiga, muridnya sendiri. Bersama dengan adiknya, Hashirama mengkombinasikan serangan untuk mengalahkan Hokage ketiga.

Walau kekuatan mereka tidak sepenuhnya seperti aslinya, mereka sudah mampu menyudutkan Hokage Ketiga. Hal itu memaksa Hokage ketiga untuk memunculkan Enma si Raja Kera, hewan panggilan berwujud kera. Hewan tersebut membantu Hokage Ketiga selama menghadapi Hashirama, sampai akhirnya terdesak, akhirnya Hokage Ketiga memutuskan untuk mengeluarkan jurus memanggil Dewa Kematian untuk mengakhiri pertarungan yang dianggap sia-sia oleh Hokage Ketiga, agar jiwa Hashirama dan adiknya kembali ke alam baka.

Hokage pertama pun melakukan perlawanan dengan mengeluarkan jurus pembawa kegelapan, dan hokage kedua pun menyerang Hokage Ketiga dengan taijutsu hebat. Akhirnya dengan sisa kekuatannya, jurus Fuuinjutsu “Shikifujin” yang berhasil menyegel arwah mereka berdua. Sebelum jiwa Hashirama dan adiknya masuk alam baka untuk selamanya, mereka meminta maaf kepada Hokage Ketiga atas masalah yang telah mereka lakukan.

Part II


Diceritakan bahwa Orochimaru telah mengimplantasi DNA Hashirama kepada enam puluh subjek. Salah satu subjeknya bernama Tenzo (kemudian berganti nama menjadi Yamato). Namun, hampir seluruh subjeknya meninggal dan Orochimaru tidak menyadari bahwa ada satu orang yang selamat, yaitu Tenzo (Naruto masih memangilnya dengan nama Yamato).

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