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Hiro Mashima
Hiro Mashima at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 2008
Hiro Mashima at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 2008
Born Mashima Hiro
真島 ヒロ
May 3, 1977 (age 35)
Nagano, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Manga artist
Known for Rave, Fairy Tail
Influenced by Akira Toriyama, Hayao Miyazaki[1]
Religion Christianity[2]

Hiro Mashima (真島 ヒロ Mashima Hiro?, born May 3, 1977) is a Japanese manga artist. He is most known for his fantasy manga Rave, published by Kodansha‘s Weekly Shonen Magazine, from 1999 to 2005. The series was later adapted into an anime. However, the anime adaption was cancelled before it could complete the series.

In 2003, he collected some of his one-shot titles in two volumes: Mashima-en Vol.1 & 2. Those stories include, among others, Cocona, “Xmas Hearts” and “Fairy Tale”, a sort of prototype for his latest work.

In 2006, he began his current ongoing series, another fantasy manga called Fairy Tail, serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine which has been adapted into an anime and has aired on TV Tokyo since October 2009. He also published the one-shot manga Monster Soul during the same year.

He was a notable guest at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con and at the 2011 New York Anime Festival. He was influenced by Akira Toriyama and Hayao Miyazaki.[1] He has one daughter.[3]



  • Rave (1998–2005, published as Rave Master in North America)
  • Plue’s Dawg Diaries (2002–2007)
  • Mashima-en Vol.1 & 2 (2003)
    • Vol 1:
    • Magician
    • Fairy Tail
    • Cocona (2003)
    • Plue’s Adventures Pt. II
    • Vol 2:
    • Bad Boys Song
    • Magic Party
    • Xmas Hearts
    • Fighting Group Mixture
  • Monster Soul (2005–2007)
  • Fairy Tail (2006–ongoing)
  • Monster Hunter Orage (2008–2009)
  • Chameleon (2008, one-shot based on a manga by Atsushi Kase, made for Kodansha’s 50th Anniversary)
  • Nishikaze to Taiyou (2010)
  • Sangokushi Taisen (card illustration)
  • Respect Gundam (contribution)


  • Rave Master – as original creator and appears in episode 51 as himself
  • Fairy Tail – original creator



  • The main characters in his magazine serializations are named after seasons:
    • Rave/Rave Master (Haru=Spring)
    • Fairy Tail (Natsu=Summer)
    • Monster Soul (Aki=Autumn)
    • Monster Hunter Orage (Shiki=Four Seasons)

Former assistants


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